We also offer Jumbo Rolls and Private Labelling

Our Story

Our journey began about 20 years ago in an India that was nascent to the concept of dry cleanliness and hygiene. With the intention to change the course of the country’s public health as well as habits and confident of the opening economy and the growing education rate, we pioneered the first step towards personal care and hygiene with Premier hygiene tissue products.

We have come a long way since then and so has India. With Premier box tissues gradually finding their place in homes, work places, cars and such, we soon introduced various other products like toilet rolls, kitchen towels and napkins and hoped to gradually integrate the products into the daily lives of the people. The growth in the awareness towards hygiene in India has been immensely promising and the shift in the behaviour patterns has been extremely encouraging.

And this gave us a chance to dream big. We aspired to journey forward by creating more sophisticated and evolved hygiene products with an uncompromising quality at par with some of the leading brands of the world. Not just that, we have made them so affordable that customers across a wide spectrum of society have access to high quality hygiene products.

The idea was, and always will be, to enhance the quality of daily lives of the people of India at large.


Premier Tissue India Ltd owns a fully integrated state-of-the-art facility which houses a tissue paper mill as well as a converting plant in Mysore, Karnataka. Constructed over 11 hectares of land and with nearly 100,000 sq ft of built up area, our factory is one of the largest such facilities in India.

We’re proud to be one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of tissues in the country. An extensive distribution network covering the length and breadth of the country ensures that we’re one of the most highly trusted and widely recognised brands in the hygiene category.

Our wide range of product offerings comprise tissue hygiene products, non-tissue hygiene products and jumbo rolls for hygiene product converters.

Parent Company

Premier Tissues India Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rubfila International Ltd. - a Public Limited Company incorporated in 1993 and listed at Bombay Stock Exchange since 1994.

Rubfila is the largest manufacturer India of latex rubber threads, a product which finds applications in various sectors like textiles, food-packaging, toys, medical items, entertainment, furniture, catheters, etc. Apart from controlling the largest market share in India, Rubfila has consistently enjoyed a robust presence in countries around the globe such as the USA, Italy, Turkey, Japan, UK, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Poland, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Morocco, Dubai, etc. RIL is certified with ISO systems and its products are certified with Oeko-Tex certification, considered to be the gold standard in the textile industry.

Rubfila was listed as one of the top 150 fastest growing companies in India by The Economic Times-Statista in the year 2020.