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Conscious Harvesting

Implications regarding ecological balance and sustainability often cloud the behaviour choices of consumers when pertaining to hygiene tissue products. As a company, positively impacting the society at large at the cost of harming the ecosystem is never an option with us.

Premier ensures that it procures pulp and other related raw materials from certified timberlands that are consciously harvested. These timberlands are forests that can be managed for the sustainable production of wood products. In addition to the global ecosystem service of carbon sequestration that the timberlands provide, different management approaches also enhance other ecosystem services such as biodiversity, water quality and quantity and amenity values. Grounded in values of consciousness, we conduct stringent assessments to understand the impact of our products on our ecosystem. In line with this concept, we have stringent protocols to curb wastes and also to recycle and reuse materials efficiently.

We, at Premier, believe in enhancing the lives of the people absolutely guilt-free.